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Beethoven’s life and music: two conferences with Piero Rattalino

Piero Rattalino, one of the most famous Italian musicologists, will hold two conferences about Beethoven’s life and music. The first date is in Brescia, on 26 April at 18.00, in Salone Da Cemmo, Conservatorio Luca Marenzio. This is a lecture-concert and Rattalino’s words will find their natural echo in Takahiro Yoshikawa’s interpretation of Beethoven’s op. 13 (Patetica) and op. 81a (Les adieux). The second date is in Bergamo, on 27 April at 10.00, in the Fiera dei Librai. Here Rattalino will meet also nearly one hundred students who have read his book “Celeste e infernale”.

The entrance is free.