Umberto Fanni: “a long-term project with the Filarmonica”

The trip to Oman of the Filarmonica del Festival, which is scheduled in January 2017,is its first international commitment in its three-year history. It is made possible by the kind cooperation with Umberto Fanni, born in Brescia, important musical personality, who is currently General Director of the Royal Opera House of Muscal, capital of Oman, venue of the concert. Umberto Fanni explains the reasons for this artistic partnership in a document, where he underlines that multiculturalism, internationality and maximum quality are the keywords of the concert season he has organized in Muscat. In this intercontinental context of meetings and exchanges, Fanni says that the Filarmonica is the most recent expression of what he considers the most important institution in Brescia as far as classical and symphonic music are concerned. “The Festival Pianistico Internazionale has made of Brescia a world- renowned city by inviting the greatest conductors, sought-after soloists and orchestras” -Fanny explains- “Therefore the Festival is one of the most important Italian music brands in which to invest and it could not miss the season”.
The Filarmonica del Festival will perform with Plácido Domingo on 11 January. This invitation, Fanni says, wants to be the first step of a long-term articulate project.